Help! The Los Angeles Science Fair is being cancelled just three weeks before the event due to insufficient funding.


Over 4,000 students have been working diligently since July to compete in this science fair. They are not able to compete in any other counties and will not be able to compete regionally or nationally this year or next if the LA Science Fair is cancelled. One of my best friends is one of these students. He’s been working towards his culminating project since he was 13 and building microbial fuel cells; he’s now a high school senior and may graduate having never been able to compete with his final project.

We need help right now to make this year’s competition happen. Every dollar helps; you can donate here:


We’re one of the most competitive science fairs in the country; in cancelling this science fair, we’re cutting hundreds of incredible young scientists clean out of the race.


This is about kids loving science. Please don’t let them down. Please please please donate. We’re currently $70,000 short for this year and, if things don’t look up, there will be no 2013 or 2014 science fair.

"Honestly, I would encourage anyone who is interested to participate in science fairs because of how many doors it opens for you intellectually… It helps you realize that perhaps it isn’t so “nerdy” to want to pursue the sciences." - Ellie Hara- Palos Verdes Penninsula HS

"During my week at ISEF, I met high school students from around the world, ate dinner with researchers who lived on the other side of the globe, and listened to Nobel Laureates. I can never forget the amazing projects I saw or the friends I made. I made clouds in a jar in a hotel room, listened to songs produced from a pair of drum pants, and found myself interested in projects involving spiders despite my fear of them." - Kathleen Maguire – Marlborough School

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    This is the science fair PreFrosh GeekLearnsToRun was talking about, is there are way to help these kids out?
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    They’re $70,000 short on funding. I might see if I can spare something and I really don’t have much to spare, but I can...
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    This is hella important.
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